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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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South Sudanese Americans

South Sudanese model Nyakim Gatwech, enters Guinness book of records for having the darkest skin tone on Earth

ATEKERTV 27 APR 2020 Nyakim Gatwech, a South Sudanese Model born on 27 January 1993 in Gambela has finally...

EAC Summit Postponed At Request Of South Sudan

TAARIFA 15 APR 2020 Leaders of the East African member states will not meet for their Extraordinary summit as...

Can a video game save a life? African refugee puts players in his race for survival

UNIONLEADER 4 MAR 2020 The goal of Lual Mayen’s video game is to survive the horrific ordeal of a...

In multicultural Austin, officials launch plan for census participation

MPRNEWS 12 MAR 2020 Since the early 1990s, Austin has seen significant demographic change, in part due to jobs...

Low Voter Turnout among South Sudanese-Americans During Super Tuesday.

DALLAS, TEXAS-05 MARCH 2020. In the wake of the Super Tuesday of the Democratic Primary, a large number of South Sudanese-Americans chose...

Latest news

Education ministry responded to Teacher’s demonstration in Jonglei state

Tomori, NCMP - A public statement was seen by NCMP released from the office of the undersecretary, Ministry of General Education and...


Tomori NCMP - About twelve (12) young men were picked by Jonglei State Police Commissioner Yesterday Morning in Bor Town market at...

International Day Of Peace 2020: Know Why Dove Is A Symbol Of Peace

World Peace Day is observed every year on September 21. A United Nations-designated day, it was first established in 1981.

What can UN International Day of Peace mean for South Sudan?

The determination, courage, and commitment of ordinary South Sudanese working to bring peace to war-torn South Sudan should be honored daily.

South Sudan National Team (Bright Stars) lost 1-0 to Al Rabita FC yesterday at Buluk Playground.

In its second practicing match, South Sudan National Team (Bright Stars) lost 1-0 to Al Rabita FC yesterday at Buluk Playground.
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