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Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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Used Cars Keep Africans Moving, but Dumping Concerns Remain

NEW YORK TIMES 01 MAR 2020 Salesmen whistle at potential buyers of scores of vehicles shining in the afternoon...

First ladies panel seeks urgent policies to translate Africa’s demographic dividend into viable potential

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Canada calls for Ugandan opposition to be set free, no plans to cancel UN mission

The federal government says it is “deeply concerned” about the political situation in Uganda, but that it has no plans to stop...

Jonglei, Pibor youth vow to foster peace after 3 days of dialogue

Youth from the Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) and their counterparts from Bor of Jonglei state, after a 3-day trust-building and reconciliation...

“Put on your masks or go out.”Makuei instructed reporters during a press briefing

“Put on your masks or go out. You behind there. You there also,” referring to the five reporters whose names have been...

South Sudan owes UN $22,804 membership arrears

In the letter seen by NCMP, South Sudan owes UN $22,804 membership arrears. According...

Two additional private clinics licensed to carry out COVID-19 tests in Juba

The Ministry of Health has licensed two additional private clinics to carry out Covid-19 tests in Juba. Nujum...
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